About Us


Mediante is a full-service translation company providing translation services in Serbia and abroad.

Nowadays, when most companies have international business relations and are planning to enter the international market, professional help in communicating in a foreign language is a vital necessity.
Communication breakdowns and misunderstandings resulting from poorly translated documents can jeopardize your relationship with the client, brand identity and credibility.
Why take unnecessary chances with your international image? Hire our translation company and open up to a perspective of risk-free communication with international partners.

Why choose us?

Superior quality  with competitive prices. Learn more about our company and principles governing our work here.
We provide translation services for most world languages, translation from and into the Serbian language or a combination of two foreign languages. To see the complete list of languages we work with, go to languages .
All client information is kept strictly confidential.
In addition to standard agreements, we have signed separate confidentiality agreements with all our employees and external associates.

We can provide translation services and partnership – regardless of your location!

We accept orders on all types of media – paper (hard copy), CD, USB devices and all formats. Completed translations are delivered in the requested format.
Translated texts are sent to the client by e-mail, courier service, post, DHL, depending on the format and urgency or the location of the client.
Due to our professionalism and quality of  translation services, the number of domestic and foreign companies we work with is constantly growing, as well as the number of translators.