Cooperation with Publishers

MEDIANTE provides services of literary, highly specialized, scientific and other translations for publishing purposes as well as editing and proofreading of previously translated texts.

Translation of literary texts

Sometimes inexpert or unprofessional translations can reduce the stylistic value of the original source when translating literary texts. Errors in translation are easily perceived. They interfere with the understanding of the literary work and take away from the reputation of the publishing house.
In order to deliver a flawless quality translation, which is grammatically correct and stylistically coherent, every translation is examined by another translator and a proofreader.

Translation of highly specialized professional documents

Mediante employs experts in various subject matters who provide support for translations of highly specialized documents.
Often, one translator cannot translate texts on all subject matters. That is why it is very important that a translator specializes in a certain subject matter, or work with and consult experts. This way, translators can overcome difficulties they may encounter when translating specific terms and other semantic specificities of the specialized professional documents. Our team of translators is well acquainted with the constantly changing terminology of some occupations. The latest dictionaries, in line with the standards, are also in use.
We have the possibility to employ foreign editors for proofreading/native speakers for the translations from Serbian into other languages, and we also work with translation agencies from abroad.