In the last few years, the IT sector has been the fastest growing branch of industry. For example, Serbian IT companies exported 250 million euros worth of software in 2013, which is a 30% increase compared to 2012. And while we have a universal language of computer codes on one hand, the open global market created the space for translation companies to have a larger role in the IT sector on the other.

The company “Mediante” realizes how important a good translation is for launching a new product on the market. The content and importance of the new product have to be understandable to users around the world, and only a professional translator can help you achieve that.

Thanks to our experienced translators and advanced technology, “Mediante” has the capacity to handle large and complex IT projects which require delivering translations into the majority of world languages in a short time.

Over the many years of our work, we have translated a large number of programs and documents for our clients’ needs. We have translated various software documentation, user manuals, tutorials, e-learning programs and web sites, to name a few.