The correct understanding of terms related to mechanical engineering, as well as their translation, is challenging for all translators. Problems occur while working on texts related to mechanical engineering because the meaning of certain terms cannot be understood and translated literally and specialized dictionaries have to be used to be able to translate the text with meaning.

Professional translators have to possess not only the theoretical knowledge and practical translation experience but they also have to possess an extensive vocabulary in the field of mechanical engineering, and sometimes, even elementary knowledge.

Mechanical engineering is a branch of industry primarily involved in the manufacture of machines and tools as well as their use in the production of other pieces of equipment.

In comparison with other fields, translating texts related to mechanical engineering can involve translations of the most diverse technological processes, such as: quality control, welding, thermal treatment etc. With such complex tasks, translators have to possess not only the basic translation skills and qualifications but they also have to be proficient in the language and familiar with highly specialized fields.

In short, perfect translations of texts related to mechanical engineering represent a cumulative process comprising practice, experience but also specialized trainings. Over many years of professional experience, „Mediante“ translators have learned to improve their knowledge, comply with agreed terms and deadlines, as well as make their final product as accurate and precise as possible.