Translating highly specialized texts related to technology, electrical engineering or IT, is not an easy task for translators at all. In addition to translation skills, they have to be familiar with the topic at hand. The following article provides a few tips that could be useful for both Ordering parties and translators working on highly specialized texts.


The selected translator should get to know the features and business operations of the relevant industry or sector before he/she starts working on the translation. He/she should examine all the specificities of clients’ products or services, check the terminology glossary as well as go over all previous translations done by other translators in order to learn the format and client preferences as much as possible.
First of all, the client and the translator should agree on the deadline for delivery so it is convenient for the Ordering Party but does not jeopardise translation quality.

Tip no. 2: WHO, WHAT, WHY?

The translation style of highly specialized texts depends on the audience and purpose. The client should inform the translator on all these matters so the group of people the text is intended for is identified in a timely manner, as well as their expertise level, years of experience etc. Naturally, the translator cannot be completely involved in the creation process, but by selecting the right terms he/she can make the content more accessible and with more quality. Using unfamiliar expressions and uncharacteristic terminology can make the translation useless. On the other hand, using diagrams, formulas or illustrations can save time spent translating since they are recognisable in every language.
The translator should be informed on the exact purpose of the translation beforehand, so that he/she would bear it in mind the entire time. Is the text correct from the legal point of view? Is it a presentation of a brand and what are the company’s format requirements? In what way will the said text be presented to the group or the individual it is intended for? The translator should have answers to all these questions to be able to approach the translation process correctly.

Translators – experts in a specific field

„Mediante“ employs a large number of translators, experts for the most diverse subject matters. Contact us for a free consultation, specify the language, text size and deadline for delivery. For a successful completion of any project, mutual communication is essential, the more information we have on a project the better the chances for a good-quality translation.

Translation aftermath

After the translation is completed, the policy of our company is to keep all the projects we worked on in our database to ensure consistency in case of possible future translations. Furthermore, we can make sure you always work with the same translators who are familiar with your needs and company.