Proofreading and Editing

Why is proofreading of every translation or previously translated texts recommended?

Translation is a relatively small task compared to accurately communicating the meaning of an intercultural message.
It is important for the translation to be in the spirit of the target language, not only a literal translation.
For this reason, Mediante employs editors and experts who specialize in various subject matters and who thoroughly examine the translated material, all the while consulting with the translators. Not only do editors examine the translated text in order to correct any possible spelling and grammar mistakes, but they also adjust the appearance and the format.

Proofreading of our translations

In order to deliver excellent quality translation, every translation is checked by another translator and an editor after it is completed. Naturally, every translator has his/her own “personal style” of translation. Therefore, this type of check is necessary in order to exclude even the most minor errors and harmonize the terminology as much as possible.

Proofreading of previously translated texts

If your text has already been translated but you wish to check it and correct it if necessary, or you need to have it certified by a court-appointed translator, it is possible to turn it over to us for verification of its accuracy. Also, if a number of translators have worked on one text, it is very important to harmonize all the segments into a uniform style so the text would be fluent and unambiguous.
We will evaluate the quality of a translation free of charge. If the translation contains serious and apparent errors, we suggest a professional and quality proofreading be done. If the translation is more than 50% incorrect, we suggest you have it retranslated.