Subtitling + Synchronization

Make your video recordings understandable to everyone! We offer full subtitling and synchronization services of all types of recordings. Translation of all types of audio and video recordings in the desired format in a professional studio, live streaming of events etc.
Aiming to reach a wider global audience, many television and radio stations, film studios, as well as international companies which need multilingual presentations, wish to provide authentic translations into world languages.

Subtitling is an easier and cheaper translation method, which allows viewers to hear the original language of the speaker in the background. On the other hand, synchronization is a technically more demanding process of voice recording of the target language.

Subtitling a video is the most cost effective way of reaching audiences in other languages, and it is popular with production companies who create training manuals and other online video content. Subtitles are still widely used in many television programs around the world.
The ability to adapt, paraphrase and capture the style and substance of the source, while synchronizing the length of the translation so it could be readable by the audience are also required for successfully conveying the meaning of the source material. Many languages expand in length in comparison to original text, and care must be taken to keep the true meaning of the source, while ensuring to stay within the allowed time frame.
For instance, Scandinavian nations like to watch programs with subtitles while Italians or Spaniards prefer synchronized films. However, in order to meet the needs of the audience, it is not enough to only translate a certain text, it is necessary to pay attention to linguistic characteristics as well. Therefore, in some cases, it is necessary to take dialects, jargon and slang of a language into consideration as well.

Owing to the dedication of our team, experienced translators, proofreaders and narrators, we at Mediante are able to perform synchronization and subtitling services in line with your demands.

Upon the successful completion of the project, we deliver the translation and subtitles in the format preferred by the client.