Translating economic and financial texts is an integral part of any international business. A company cannot exist and be prosperous without developing economic relations. You will agree that today, in this era of globalization, there is a continuous need for cooperation with potential foreign partners which often involves communication based on economics and finance. Furthermore, we can even say that high-quality translation is crucial for developing a partnership between two companies because it enables foreign companies to evaluate the professionalism of the company’s management, as well as reliability for future cooperation.

Translating economic texts carries a big responsibility for translators, it demands complete dedication to the task at hand, high level of concentration and accuracy. With highly specialized translations, even the slightest error, whether in typing or translation, can cause adverse effects, so knowing economic terms is of the essence.

Translating economic texts includes documents such as: business plans, insurance company documents, project financing agreements, auditor’s reports, financial statements etc.

What’s really important when translating these documents is that the translator has to be familiar with a number of economic laws and procedures and the form and structure of official documents valid in the relevant countries.