Can you translate the following sentences into a foreign language?

„If resistance is felt during mechanical distraction, the interlaminar bony bridges must be resected to avoid fracture of the base of the spinous processes. In cases of overlapping and hypertrophic laminae (kissing laminae), preliminary resection is recommended.”

Unless you are a professional translator or a medical worker who is fluent in English, your answer is probably “No.”

However, don’t let it worry you because the sentences written above are from a manual for surgeons.

It is indeed very hard to describe how challenging translating medical documentation is for translators. Professional translators encounter the most diverse medical reports and laboratory findings, and their translations are crucial for the right treatment of patients treated in the countries where a foreign language is spoken.

These are only some of the reasons why we at “Mediante” make sure our translators have enough experience in the relevant field of translation. A meticulous and thoroughly-conducted quality control process of every individual translation is the guarantee of translation quality for all our present and future clients.