What is a glossary?

With translations, creating and using a glossary is the first and the most important condition for maintaining the consistency of the translation.

But before we explain its significance, let us first clarify what a glossary is.

Even though most people would assume it is a dictionary, a glossary is only in part, in its literal translation, a dictionary. Primarily, it is a sort of specialized dictionary, custom-made, which translators can use during the translation process.

Therefore, a dictionary is meant to be used for the translation of all the words of a foreign language, whereas a glossary is only focused on terms and phrases used in scientific, technical texts. For the purpose of overcoming difficulties in translating specific terms and other linguistic peculiarities, a glossary is used.

By using a glossary, inconsistencies in translations are reduced and it makes it possible for translators to always translate new and unknown terms in the same way.