What is “E-mail phishing”?

Phishing is an attempt to steal Internet users’ data by creating a false website. In most cases, that website is advertised via e-mail, whereby by opening the link which leads you to the false website, the recipient reveals confidential information which is later most often used for stealing money from bank accounts or intrusion into the electronic mail of the victim.

The e-mail usually looks like a notice from a bank or a product promotion and its purpose is to lure the recipient to the webpage of the written hyperlink, where he will disclose his personal information.

Over the last few years, due to the rise in cybercrime, a number of mechanisms have been developed which can be used to determine whether the e-mail you received is an attempt at stealing.

Experts say that grammar errors are the first tell-tale sign, because they are believed to be extremely rare in official company or bank messages.

Another sign is a threat hidden in the message such as: “Unless you fill in the form, your account will automatically be deleted.”

Also, if you see a link in an e-mail, you are advised not to immediately click on it but only to select it. A temporary small window will appear containing the real Internet address of the link.