Written Translations

A text in a foreign language is certainly the type of material that has to be accessible to you. We translate all types of documents fast and, most importantly, with high quality.

Translations can be divided according to semantic specificity:

Highly Specialized Text such as:

For each specific area, we have a translator who specializes in one or more subject matters.

General / Literary Translations

When a literary text is translated, linguistic and semantic specificities of the target language need to be adjusted according to the source. This approach is desirable when translating magazine articles, books, or texts from the field of social studies.

How do we charge for translations?

Due to lexical characteristics and peculiarities of every individual language, as some languages are more succinct than others, written translations might appear somewhat shorter or longer than the original text. According to our experience, the final version of the translated text may differ by 10-20% in length from the original.
Also, as some documents are written using smaller fonts than usual, the number of actual physical pages is irrelevant for the price calculation because the number of characters that fit into one physical page varies depending on the font size and spacing. The number of pages is calculated by using the standard for one “translation page”.
That is the reason why we “measure” the size of every translation order twice – first, when drafting an estimate before we start working on the translation and the second time, more accurately, when the translation is completed.

What is a “translation page“?

The number of pages of the original document and the translated text is counted using the character counting function in MS Word on the basis of the standard for one “translation page” which has 1450 characters without spaces or 250 words per page.

Certified translations by court-appointed translators

We provide translation and certification of all documents by court-appointed translators/interpreters, from and into the Serbian language, as well as from one foreign language into another.
What if I need a certified translation from one foreign language into another?
In this case, the document needs to be translated by a court-appointed translator into Serbian first and then into the target foreign language, also by a court-appointed translator.
Which documents require certification by a court-appointed translator?
All types of agreements, certificates (birth/marriage/death, excerpts from the Business Registers Agency etc.), declarations, financial statements, rulings, authorizations, official records etc.

Business correspondence

Business correspondence translation is a type of urgent translation performed during the working hours or other prearranged time.
Over the past years, globalization has affected the national markets, business operations, but also the communications sector, in many ways. As a competitor on the world market, you need to be able to connect with associates and clients. For that reason, translation has a significant role in international business operations and helps you create closer partnerships with your associates and clients.
Our technical capabilities and experience prove that we have managed to establish a high level of accuracy of translations. Paying attention to the smallest details, we employ professionals who possess an impressive knowledge in the field of technical sciences, business activities and finances.
Many legal entities have witnessed our professionalism and high quality of services. Let us show you how with our help, you can achieve excellent success in any business project.

 “Long Project“ translators

If you need a translator to work on a specific project for a definite period of time and, for example, to use a software available only on computers located at your company, Mediante can provide translators who specialize in the specific subject matter you need.